• New York, US
  • April 24, 2018

The Lead Developer

Be a better technical leader

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The Lead Developer conference is coming back to NYC!

When you’re busy leading a team, coding and maintaining standards, how do you find the time to stay ahead of new technologies and develop yourself as a technical lead?

The Lead Developer New York 2018 is a 1-day conference featuring practical advice from experts on leading and motivating your team and high-level sessions on new and disruptive technologies.



We're running two full-day workshops on April 25, hosted by Condé Nast Technology at One World Trade Center. Stick around after the workshops for a drinks reception and to enjoy the view from the 33rd floor.

  • Hacking Agile - Brett Harned - Through discussions and hands-on exercises you'll 'hack' Agile to make it work for you, your team, and your organization.
  • Demystifying Management - Lara Hogan - Overcome the uncertainty when moving into a manager role by talking tactics, articulating what you uniquely bring to management, and demonstrating how you can best support your direct reports.


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